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Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts

2017 Annual Report Released

August 13, 2018

Achievement Through Collaboration

CHEC Releases the 2017 Annual Report

Barrie, ON – Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts (CHEC) is pleased to announce the release of the 2017 Annual Report, Achievement Through Collaboration. It is the third annual report produced by the Association and illustrates the continued commitment to collaboration and the Association’s ability to adapt and change to meet our member’s needs.

“Looking back on all that happened in 2017, I have been impressed by the extent of CHEC collaboration and the diversity of the support it provides. Of particular note was its extensive involvement on industry committees and working groups, the signing of a training agreement with Hydro Ottawa, and the on-going support provided for those LDCs going through their Cost of Service applications,” said John Sherin, CHEC President.

Highlights from the report include achievements across all activities within the Association including Technology and Innovation, Industry Input, Sharing Costs, Training Together, Streamlining Processes, and Analysis and Support.

·      The valuation of the annual CHEC membership at $255,544 per member LDC;

·      Two new members, Grimsby Power and Tillsonburg Hydro, joining the Association;

·      The development of the Utility Customer Mobile Application in partnership with Screaming Power and Lakefront Utilities, the first of its kind in Canada;

·      Representation on the OEB Cyber Security Working Group during the development of the framework that was released in late December;

·      6373.4 MWh in electricity savings and 658.8 kW in demand savings facilitated by the Roving Energy Manager across 11 LDCs;

·      Over 100 attendees at the Spring Safety Workshop on Quality Job Planning
and Tailboard training;

·      7 Members submitting a joint CDM plan.

The CHEC Association is proud of the way it has supported its members during the continued change in the electrical distribution industry. The Association has continued to forge partnerships and explore innovation and the 2017 Annual Report illustrates that commitment to providing our members with what they need.
“Our membership grew to seventeen LDCs in 2017 and is a reflection on the quality of support that is available from our Association. I’d like to thank all our members and our staff for the hard work that has allowed our collaborative model to succeed,” John Walsh, Chair of the CHEC Board of Directors.

For the full report see Annual Report

CHEC is a collaborative association for 17 small Local Distribution Companies in Ontario. By sharing experience, knowledge and resources CHEC helps its LDCs remain as active members of their communities and provide safe, efficient, and cost effective electricity distribution to their customers.  The current members of CHEC are Centre Wellington Hydro, Collus PowerStream, Grimsby Power, InnPower, Lakefront Utilities, Lakeland Power, Midland PUC, Niagara-on-the-Lake Hydro, Orangeville Hydro, Orillia Power, Ottawa River Power, Renfrew Hydro, Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution, Tillsonburg Hydro, Wasaga Distribution, Wellington North Power, and West Coast Huron Energy Inc.