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About Us

Ensuring independent communities thrive today and in the future.

CHEC is a collaborative association of local electrical distribution companies (LDCs). We believe in the importance of keeping local distribution companies in their communities, and our support allows our members to cost-effectively and efficiently serve their customers and their shareholders.

As an action-oriented organization, we provide guidance and support to our members to meet the changing requirements of the electrical distribution industry. It is an industry that has undergone and continues to undergo significant change. As a focussed specialized group of professionals, we provide adaptable and effective solutions that allow our members to save costs and be at the forefront of industry change. Our most recent support has included helping our members successfully navigate the transition to the Interim Conservation Framework, the implementation of Cybersecurity, Human Resources support for labour negotiations among others, and relevant, industry specific training across all LDC operations.

“Our membership in CHEC has been invaluable to our organization. It allows us to network and share best practices with other members, increase cost efficiencies, and provides customizable solutions for challenges that we couldn’t otherwise address internally.”

CHEC’s dedicated staff provide support services across the full breadth of utility operations:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Communications and Customer Engagement
  • Human Resources
  • Billing and Customer Information Systems (CIS)
  • Health & Safety
  • Energy Management
  • Operations
  • Conservation and Demand Management

The current members of CHEC include:

Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd.; EPCOR Ontario.; ERTH Power Corp.; Fort Frances Power; Grimsby Power; Innpower; Lakefront Utilities Inc.; Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd.; Midland/Newmarket-Tay Hydro.; Niagara on the Lake Hydro; Orangeville Hydro Ltd.; Orillia Power Corp.; Ottawa River Power Corporation; Renfrew Hydro Inc., Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution Inc.; Tillsonburg Hydro; Wasaga Distribution Inc.; Wellington North Power Inc.