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Policy Statement

This statement sets out how CHEC is managed so that its commitment to achieve the highest standards of performance throughout its operations is upheld.

CHEC will undertake all activities in a highly responsible, professional and competent manner and strive to continuously improve performance towards the ultimate objective of being recognized as the premier LDC Cooperative in the Province of Ontario.

CHEC’s commitment to this objective translates into the following practical statements, actions and initiatives:

  • CHEC is committed to meet its obligations to its members and to exceed them where appropriate. Member satisfaction is important to us and to business retention. CHEC must be flexible, agile and adaptable and must respond to changes in legislation, the business environment and the demands of its members. CHEC must also continue to strive for greater effectiveness and efficiency in its operations.
  • CHEC understands that its performance is directly related to the satisfaction of its members. Best practices, knowledge and problem solving will be widely and openly shared across its membership wherever possible. CHEC employs only the best people and is committed to continually improve their skills, motivation and performance. CHEC also integrates key partners where appropriate to ensure optimum performance is achieved.
  • CHEC will assess all operational risks and design procedures to minimise and manage those risks.
  • CHEC will ensure a safe and secure working environment for its employees, members, partners and the public in general.
  • CHEC will undertake all necessary measures to ensure the security of confidential data and information.
  • CHEC will ensure that it has a minimum impact on the environment wherever possible.