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Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts

The Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts Association (CHEC) developed out of the Organized Power Group that was formed as de-regulation came to the province of Ontario. CHEC, an association of local distribution companies (LDCs) is modeled after a cooperative to combine resources and competencies to best meet the requirements of the changing electrical industry and provide a high standard of locally supplied customer service.

CHEC is governed by a Board of directors who are responsible for ensuring that CHEC achieves its objectives, is financially accountable, and is in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and by-laws.

CHEC has allowed members to exchange ideas on a variety of issues facing utilities, to initiate combined solutions and to share insights on what worked and what did not. The cooperative format allowed a “think tank” environment to be created between members.

The current members of CHEC include:

Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd.; EPCOR Ontario.; ERTH Power, Fort Frances Power; Grimsby Power; Innpower; Lakefront Utilities Inc.; Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd.; Newmarket-Tay Hydro; Niagara on the Lake Hydro; Orangeville Hydro Ltd.; Orillia Power Corp.; Ottawa River Power Corporation; Renfrew Hydro Inc., Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution Inc.; Tillsonburg Hydro; Wasaga Distribution Inc.; Wellington North Power Inc.