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Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts

CHEC Welcomes Bluewater Power as its Newest Member

October 25, 2023

Barrie, ON, October 25, 2023 – Cornerstone Hydro Electric Concepts (CHEC) is pleased to announce Bluewater Power Distribution Corporation as the newest member of the association. As a successful local distribution company (LDC) in southwestern Ontario, their expertise and knowledge will be a welcome addition to our collaborative organization.

“With the accelerated change in the electricity industry, it is more important than ever to bring our member LDCs together to share best practices and resources,” said Bruno Pereira, CHEC President. “Our members realize significant cost and time savings and we’re happy to extend those benefits to a new member.”

Bluewater Power has operated for over 100 years and currently services 37,000 customers in Sarnia and the surrounding municipalities of Petrolia, Point Edward, Alvinston, Warwick and Oil Springs. With the addition of Bluewater Power, CHEC represents over 200,000 customers and 415 utility staff members across all regions of Ontario, equivalent to being the fifth largest utility in the province.

“I’m a big believer in the value of working together,” said Janice McMichael-Dennis, President & CEO of Bluewater Power. “It’s about building relationships and networking and presenting a united front. We’re excited about the services that CHEC offers and working with the other members who are dealing with similar issues.”

The CHEC Association began in 2000 and is currently made up of six portfolios that provide support services across all areas of LDC operations including Finance & Regulatory, Operations and Health & Safety, Human Resources and Labour Relations, Billing and Customer Information Systems, GIS Technician Support, and Communications and Customer Engagement.

“Ontario LDCs operate in a complex environment where change is constant,” said Pereira. “We rely on the expertise of our staff and our members to deliver resources and solutions that help our members deliver the most efficient, reliable and safe electricity to their customers as they prepare for the energy future. Bluewater Power brings a strong team with world class talent to the organization and we’re looking forward to having them as part of the group.”

CHEC is a collaborative association of 16 Local Distribution Companies in Ontario. By sharing experience, knowledge and resources CHEC helps its members remain as active members of their communities, deliver value to their shareholders, provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective electricity distribution to their customers, and prepare for the energy future. The current members of CHEC are Bluewater Power Distribution Corp., Centre Wellington Hydro Ltd., ERTH Power Corp., Fort Frances Power Corp., Grimsby Power, InnPower Corp., Lakefront Utilities Inc., Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd., Niagara–on- the-Lake Hydro, Orangeville Hydro Ltd., Ottawa River Power Corp., Renfrew Hydro Inc., Rideau St. Lawrence Distribution Inc., Tillsonburg Hydro, Wasaga Distribution Inc., and Wellington North Power Inc.